The Pacific App Review

The Pacific App Review: Top Bonus + Demo + OTO Info + Discount…Legally Steal Audiences From Multi-Million Dollar Companies With The Fastest And Most Advanced Facebook Group Extraction Software Ever Created!!


In case you are looking for a detailed Pacific App Review, keep reading as I created an extensive post of The Pacific software to uncover every little thing regarding it…Its features, OTO details, in addition learn how you can use this REVOLUTIONARY tool that scrapes publicly available email ID’s and phone numbers from Facebook profiles!!


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The Pacific App Overview

  • Creators: Sandy Nayak, Albert Key & Chris
  • Product: The Pacific App
  • Price: $27 (Early Bird)
  • Date Of Launch: 1/5/2019
  • Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST 
  • Official Site => Click Here
  • Refund: 14 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Support: Excellent
  • Bonuses: Yes, MEGA Bonus Bundle
  • Recommended: Highly Recommended For Facebook marketers or anybody looking to get in Facebook marketing
  • Ease of Use: Newbie Friendly
  • Niche – Facebook

The Pro & Cons…What Are They?


  • My congruent bonus package…consisting of 30 bonuses!!
  • The ability to search for multiple Facebook groups at once.
  • Advanced Filtering System for emails and phone numbers
  • All necessary tools to operate the Software including tutorials
  • Target Exact Users Of Competitors


None to list, as the software does what it’s designed to do!!…The Pacific App is a really nice, newbie friendly tool, that when used to its fullest, will bring you LOTS of traffic, sales and ultimately ALOT OF INCOME!!

My MEGA Bonus Package Includes

  1. $500 A Day Facebook Formula
  2. Facebook Fan Page Tips
  3. Viral Marketing Guide 101
  4. Viral Marketing Mania
  5. Facebook Fan Page Profits
  6. Become a Master Affiliate Marketer
  7. Facebook Live Authority
  8. SociUltima – Post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Delicious
  9. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn Clickable Images
  10. Social Neos Pro
  11. Social Media Marketing 101
  12. Social Media Marketing Revealed
  13. Facebook Marketing Secrets
  14. Internet Marketing A to Z
  15. Keyword Swarm
  16. Affiliate Authority
  17. Facebook Marketing Made Easy 2.0
  18. Free Website Traffic Methods
  19. How to Get Free Website Traffic
  20. How to Go Viral In the Marketing World
  21. Affiliate Money Secrets
  22. Facebook Fans
  23. Affiliate Marketing Primer
  24. Facebooking Craze For Internet Marketers
  25. Facebook Live Handbook
  26. Affiliate Marketing Secrets
  27. Rapid Traffic Secrets
  28. Facebook Ninja
  29. Social Media Authority
  30. Traffic Extreme

***The bonus package above will be delivered upon your purchase!!***

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Meet The Creators?

The Pacific App Review
The Pacific App Review

Just How IMPRESSIVE Is This Software?

Thank you for taking a look at my Pacific App Review. My name is Jeffrey Glasser and welcome to JSG Reviews.

I just recently picked up my own copy, examined it and produced a rather well-formed opinion of the suite. Normally, as it is with any kind of application being sold today, I found that it has its positive points, with really no negative attributes.

When you take action and buy The Pacific App through my link, I’ve put together an AWESOME bonus package for you, which I created as a way of you getting the most out of the software!!

Albert Keys has developed the next generation of data mining technology, And bundled up into a web based software.

We’re talking about extracting thousands of Email ID’s and Phone Numbers that are publicly available on Facebook profiles.

The Pacific App Basically Checks for Publicly Available Email ID’s and Phone Numbers from all the different FB profiles In any Facebook group that you wish.

If someone is a member of a Facebook Group and has set their Email ID’s Or Phone Number to public – this software can scrape it.

Sounds pretty hot right?

Once you generate all the leads you need, you could…

– Send Cold Emails Offering Free Trials/Discounts of your product or service.

– Make Cold Calls Introducing yourself and build relationships with prospects that can possibly translate to leads and sales for your business.

– Make a Custom Audience by uploading the list that you were able to extract and target them using Facebook ads.

– Create a More Powerful Lookalike audience from the Custom audience that was generated and target more people that have similar interests.

This is quite simply the next generation of data tech.

I encourage you to watch The Pacific App demo below to get a full understanding of what this OUTSTANDING software is all about…

What About The Front End & OTO’s?

After buying Rank Hijack you will be presented with 4 OTO’s. These consist of…

Front End: The Pacific App

Price: $27 One Time (Early Bird Price)

OTO #1: Extract Upto 10x More Emails From Highly Targeted Comments, Search Results On Facebook…With This ‘Secret’ Evergreen Upgrade

(Highly Recommended)

Price: $47 One Time

OTO #2: Here’s How To Skip A 2-Year Learning Curve And Make Huge Profits From Your Very First Shopify Store!!


Price: $47 One Time

OTO #3: Get An “Out Of The World” Ability To Target & Reach Thousands Of Facebook Members Without Spending A Single Penny On Facebook Ads! This is definitely one of the most advanced Facebook automation technique you’ve ever seen…

(Highly Recommended)

Price: $97 One Time

Conclusion & Final Thoughts…

Bottom line, I want you to get the most out of using The Pacific App software!! That’s why I created the bonus package above. I do my best to avoid offering any nonsense, as this would only insult your intelligence and not really help you. My AWESOME bonuses, on the other hand, will!!

In all, I’d say that The Pacific App is is well worth the investment, especially if you’re into Facebook marketing. If you agree, then go for it and buy it!!

And Everything Is Covered By The 14 Day Guarantee!

You can try The Pacific App today with complete confidence. We GUARANTEE that you’ll find it the easiest and BEST way to make your Facebook ads, Cold Emails and Cold Calls finally profitable.

The Pacific App Review
The Pacific App Review


If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, send just one email to our support team and you’ll have your full investment back, with our compliments, within 24-48 hours.

That’s a promise.



I hope you’ve found my Pacific App Review helpful as well as honest. I truly want to aid you in making the best decision possible!! One that you will not regret!!

Go ahead and purchase The Pacific App now and get your hands on the bonus package I’ve prepared for you. This is one decision you will not be sorry for!!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any recurring fees?

None. We’ll make it a monthly subscription one day, but right now your licence is good for life. And you’ll still get all the updates and all the support.

Is this software Mac-compatible?

It’s web-based, and that means you can use it on Mac, PC or even mobile. As long as you can access the internet, you can use The Pacific App.

What makes The Pacific App special?

In a word: speed.

Being able to research multiple facebook groups at once is a MASSIVE timesaver that other software just can’t match, and if you’re doing your research manually, an evening’s work will be done in minutes.

If you’re serious about Facebook marketing, this is the only choice.

Is there any chance of getting banned by Facebook?

We strongly suggest you use a secondary account which isn’t your primary account to avoid getting banned. Thousands of users have used our product and we haven’t had any complaints of FB accounts getting banned. But for safety purposes, we strongly advise you use secondary FB accounts that aren’t connected with your main Facebook account.

What licence should I get?

If you’re only ever going to use The Pacific for personal campaigns that are smaller in size, the standard licence will be fine for you. If you think you’ll ever want to build up some monthly retainers by running client campaigns OR simply do more research, you’ll need the Developer licence. Just be warned – if you get the Standard licence and decide you want to upgrade later, you won’t get the discount price.

Thanks once again for stopping by and reading my Pacific App Review!!

To Your Success!!

Jeffrey Glasser


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