Stackn Review

Stackn Review

Checkout my Stackn Review to learn how a newbie can get started with affiliate marketing to make MONEY!!

Stackn Review

In my Stackn review I will be explaining what this course is about that Jeremy and Saul have created. 

Stackn is a take you by the hand course that is ideal for beginners to make money with affiliate marketing.

The members area is comprised of 9 over the shoulder video modules that are easy to follow and understand. 

Also, included are two additional modules, one is a bonus video and the other is a list of Saul’s top 18 products to promote.

Stackn Review

The first module is an introduction to who Saul as well as an overview of what of what Stackn is all about. 

The second through the fourth modules talks about how to use the Warrior+ website and how to choose a profitable product to promote. These modules are very informative and important to a person that is unfamiliar with Warrior+ and how to use it to make money.

Module five talks about the proper way to get approved by the product creator to promote that offer. Initially product creators are going to be hesitant to approve new affiliates for fear of getting spammy traffic to the offer. Saul shows you a method to getting approved as a newbie and even getting review access to products.

Stackn Review

In Module six you learn how to promote the offer you just got approve for through email marketing.  Saul teaches you how to use an autoresponder to collect your customers email addresses to use for future offers. The problem is in the beginning you don’t have a list of customers to promote offers too.  With my bonuses I give you two methods on how to promote products without a an email list. 

In module seven, Saul shows another method to promoting affiliate offers through Facebook. Saul goes on to show how to use fan pages and groups in a very effective way to gain trust and ultimately make money.

In Module eight, Saul shows in an organized fashion how to stay on top of your offers that you applied for and those you are already got approval. It is extremely important you stay organized or without a doubt you will get overwhelmed. You are already a little overwhelmed because your new to affiliate marketing.  To alleviate that please stay organized.  Even though I have been doing affiliate marketing for a while, I sometimes aren’t as organized as I need to be.

The last module is the conclusion.  In video 9  Saul ties everything together and gives his final thoughts on the Stackn course.

Stackn Review

Now, I know what you’re thinking!! What separates Stackn from other beginner programs? Saul and Jeremy have taken you by the hand and have thoroughly explained how to become an affiliate marketer from a newbie’s perspective. Where as other courses claim to be newbie oriented, they still assume you know certain aspects of affiliate marketing, when the whole reason you purchased the course is because you don’t know anything yet. 

Stackn Review

In summary, I really hope that all of the details in my Stackn Review assisted you in getting a far better understanding about this course to help you make an informed decision on whether to buy it or not. I totally support you either way. 

If you area newbie or beginner to affiliate marketing, then Stackn is the perfect product to help you get started with promoting affiliate products on the Warriror+ website.

If you have any questions concerning Stackn, please get in contact with me at [email protected] or leave a comment and I will get back to you.

To Your Success!!

Jeffrey Glasser

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Thank you for reading my Stackn Review!!