RankMe Review

RankMe Review

Check out my RankMe Review to see how this software can find easy to rank for keywords, original article content that is SEO optimized and builds backlinks that lead to page 1 rankings on Google!!

In my RankMe review I will be going over this new software Radu and his team have developed. RankMe is a feature rich software that performs keyword research, creates original SEO optimized  content that you can directly upload to your WordPress site and does linking building to your articles to get them to rank on the first page of Google!

RankMe Review
RankMe Review

When you first get to the RankMe dashboard which is a cloud based software, you can immediately start your keyword research. The software brings up several keywords along with a lot of other relevant data, from local monthly searches to cost per click to keyword ranking difficulty.  You’re presented with a great deal of information, but not to the point where it’s overwhelming.  These metrics will definitely help you make an informed decision on the precise keywords to use. Yes, there are other keyword softwares out there that do the same thing, but they don’t have the additional features that RankMe has.

RankMe Review
RankMe Review

After finding the perfect keywords, it’s time to go to the article finder to retrieve a keyword rich article. From there you take your new article to the software’s SEO editor (like the picture above) and it directs you through the necessary steps on optimizing your article.  Now, don’t get worried about doing the optimization, as it’s very easy to do, because RankMe guides you through it. If I can do it, anybody can. I’m the farthest thing from an SEO expert.

RankMe Review
RankMe Review

Now that you have your keyword rich optimized article, you can upload it your WordPress site.  RankMe gives you a few different options…You can upload it immediately to your WordPress or schedule a post. Next, you can build some backlinks from the software to your post. Then sit back and watch the page rankings begin.

Checkout the RankMe demo on just how easy this software is to use…

I hope you can see how powerful RankMe is in helping you with the whole process of developing an SEO optimized article to publishing to page one rankings to making you MONEY!! 

Radu and his team have definitely created a software that brings you real world internet marketing value.


In summary, I really hope that all of the details in my RankMe Review assisted you in getting a far better understanding about this software to help you make an informed decision on whether to buy it or not. I totally support you either way.

If you’re into affiliate marketing or any kind of marketing for that matter, this software will bring you hoards of traffic leading to PASSIVE money in your pockets.

If you have any questions concerning the RankMe software, please get in contact with me at [email protected] or leave a comment and I will get back to you.

To Your Success!!

Jeffrey Glasser

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