Craigsbank Review

Craigsbank ReviewHello, and welcome to my Craigsbank review! In case you didn’t know, my name is Jeffrey Glasser from JSG Reviews. I’m glad you’re here with me today.

If you’re someone who wants to enhance the quality of your life by earning your living (or even just a few extra bucks) from your home computer, I promise to make this worth your while.

So let’s take a closer look at Bauke Vreeswijk’s Craigsbank. I’m sure you’re ready to find out if this course is worth your hard-earned money. And if you’d be better off avoiding it, I’ll absolutely say so! 😉

Okay, here we go……


Craigsbank – A Short Overview:


As I’ve already mentioned, Craigsbank is a “make money online” course created by Bauke Vreeswijk. The ability to start a newbie friendly business that does not require any affiliate marketing is the big claim made on Craigsbank’s sales page. Is this feasible? We’ll know shortly. But first things first…

In this A Complete Step-By-Step Video Course Where Juwon Will Show You How To Use Two Well Known Sites With Some Unique Strategies And Angles To Make $148-$367 While Having Other People Do All The Work For You,, you’ll discover how to do small buisness arbitrage.

You’ll also get a handful of bonuses from Bauke, including Access to a private ​Mastermind Group​

This is not a Facebook group, it is an interactive platform a 100 times more engaging than a Facebook group, and ​we are inviting you into the group so you can network with like-minded people, share ideas that worked and help each other stay focused.


The quick, no-list method for making a few hundred bucks by flipping domain names, and


Learn How To Make $200/Day With Your Smartphone in this in-depth step-by-step training course.. Pretty nice bonuses, I’d say. They seem to compliment the offer well.

I also have some amazing bonuses of my own to offer you should you decide to buy Craigsbank through my link today. But we’ll get to those in due time. First, let’s dig a bit deeper into the offer…


What Is the Price of Craigsbank?


I believe in asking this question right from the onset. I don’t believe in prices being kept a mystery until the very end. So I’ll tell you straight up that, as of this writing, you can expect to pay $9.95 for Craigsbank. This is the price as of this writing, anyway. I believe Bauke plans to raise it soon.


If I Buy Craigsbank, Will I Be Offered Any Upsells?


Yes, there are three (3) OTO’s. These include 10 Done For You Templates In High Profit Margin Niches That Reel In The Clients for $27, Advanced Strategy: How To Get Local Businesses As Clients On Craigslist ​+ DFY template pack with 10 templates your you can use to get your first paying client at $37, Reseller Rights To The Entire Craigsbank Funnel at $47.

These upsells are “value-added” in nature, which simply means that getting them should help you to enjoy even greater success with the main product. But I seriously doubt that you’ll need ANY of them in order for Craigsbank to give you some good results.

To say this differently, the front-end product is SUPPOSED to get you results straight out of the gate. So… DOES it really?


Craigsbank Review… Will It Live Up to the Hype?


Let’s not beat around the bush. Can you really expect Craigsbank to put cash in your pocket? The annoying truth is… it’s probably up to you. When you look at Bauke Vreeswijk’s results, it does seem to lend itself to the course’s efficacy.

The reality that I’ve personally seen is that money can be made with most systems, if only you’re able to follow through until results are achieved.

The trouble is, a great number of programs are seriously slow. They also probably demand that you take an unrealistic amount of action. It’s just so easy to walk away in the search for something “faster” and “easier” when so much is expected of you without any guarantee of a payoff.

So you need both ease of implementation and speed of results. With Craigsbank, you can make $100 – $300 per day if you follow the steps taught and most of all you have to take action to for this method to work.

When the dust settles and the hype clears, as long as you manage your expectations and keep your nose to the grindstone for a little while, I can see you making money before too long. Just trust yourself, put in a little bit of effort, and see what happens. 🙂

The question is, how long will positive results take to achieve? If you go by the proof shown on the official product page, it can happen in around within three days or sooner. Seems about right to me, having gone through the course firsthand. If you can live with that, then Craigsbank is likely worthy of your consideration.

Income guarantees can’t be made, of course. As with any online business venture, each person’s results will be unique to that person. And these results can vary wildly. All of that aside however, I think that you’ll do great if you just follow Craigsbank as it’s laid out for you!

But even though this does seem to be a rock-solid method and training program, it does have its flaws. So at this time, let’s go ahead and look at both the good AND the bad points regarding Craigsbank. Following that, I will reveal all of the awesome bonuses I’ve compiled for you, which can greatly enhance your success with Craigsbank. 🙂


Craigsbank – The Good:


  • Brand New Method, Backed By Real Proof, it does work if you take action!!
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly Method
  • Does not involve any affiliate marketing or really, any marketing at all.

Craigsbank Cons

  • To many OTOs – In my opinion there should not be more then 2 OTOs.
  • There are no other cons, this is a very doable method where you can make some good money.

In my opinion, these bad points really aren’t deal breakers at all. Still, I’ve decided to add a few bonuses of my own to ensure that you get maximum benefit out of this training. My bonuses include…


Fiverr Cash Monster :



Small Business Branding Made Easy:



Your Own Money Making Machine:



Eight Simple Methods To Make Money Online:



Buyers List Arbitrage:


Listen, I very seriously want for you to make your dreams come true using Craigsbank! That’s the purpose that these bonuses are meant to serve. I would never try to insult your intelligence by offering you some bogus “$25,000 value” bonus package on a product that sells for Under $10.

These high-ticket, “too-good-to-be-true” types of bonuses comprised mostly of ineffective, outdated private label or resell rights rubbish. More often than not, these aren’t genuinely designed to enhance your online success. Mine, however, are.

In all, I’d say that Craigsbank is worth the small investment, and then some. If you agree, then you can grab it by clicking here today. Just to remind you, this is truly a limited-time offer, so don’t miss out.

Your chances of succeeding online by combining Craigsbank and my bonuses just went up significantly. Please don’t just get Craigsbank and my bonuses… actually USE them.

Your attention has been great. I’m hoping this has helped you to make a decision that you’re thrilled with. Now make it happen! 🙂

– Jeffrey Glasser