ClipsReel Review

ClipsReel Review: Does It Really Live Up to the Hype?


ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review

Hello, and thanks for joining me for my 100 percent impartial review of ClipsReel. My name is Jeffrey Glasser. I really hope this review serves you well.

I’ll be going over the pros and cons of this new software by Abhi Dwivedi with you. I wanted this software, so I acquired it for my own personal use, went through it with a fine-tooth comb, and I’ve developed a relatively well-formed opinion regarding this software for this reason.

As with any software, ClipsReel has its bad points, along with its good. More on those soon.

Just remember, when you take action and snag ClipsReel right here before the DISCOUNT expires, I’ll be giving you a special thank-you bonus, which has been constructed to combat the cons.

Sound fair? Fantastic! 🙂

And with that…


ClipsReel Overview: What Is It?


ClipsReel is a cloud based software that should work for you no matter what type of software you happen to use.

The software was programmed to allow you to rankly quickly to make affiliate commissions. The way it works is by One Stop Shop For Creating Stunning Animated Videos Using Your Blogs Posts, Articles or Any WebPage.

Turn Any URL Into a Video Using Machine Learning & Our Adaptive A.I. technology, Within Minutes With 100% Customization.

This functionality, if it works, is pretty significant.

If I’m talking over your head (text descriptions have their limits where software is concerned), then you’re encouraged to get a visual representation by watching the demo video on the official product page. You’ll be given a much clearer picture of what ClipsReel actually does. 🙂

But before you go to the official site, I should probably share a few of my impressions with you. I mean, I promised you an impartial ClipsReel review, and that’s what I intend to give you. Let’s begin…


ClipsReel: Does It Do What It Says?


As we’ve already established, I’m still new to this software. So unfortunately, I haven’t given this thing my all. According to Abhi, however, he makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 157% boost in organic traffic in only 24 hours. Not bad, right?

So how user-friendly is this software? Well, to be honest, Let’s go ahead and give it a firm a rating of9.2 out of 10 rating. The ability to use it confidently only took me about 20 minutes to obtain. I’m sure you’ll catch on pretty quickly yourself.


Are Any Tutorials Included?


Yes. They’re pretty good, too. After all, your ability to succeed with the ClipsReel software is only as powerful as your ability to understand it. And with these tutorials (and my custom bonuses), you should be just fine!

In just a moment, my bonuses will be revealed. Before we do that, though, let’s talk about the price of ClipsReel, the thank-you gifts included with this offer, and any n’ all upgrades that might be available at the moment. After that, we can get to pros and cons… and then finally, you’ll get to see what my bonuses are and how they can help you.

Moving along…


So What Is the Price of ClipsReel?


At the time of this review, ClipsReel is available for a modest $27 investment.

It’s very likely that the price will go up though. So if it’s still cheap, you may wanna grab it now. It’s likely that this is the lowest price it will ever be. Even still, it may be worth it at a higher price, if you’re reading this when the price has, in fact, gone up. But still, if you can still get it at the modest price I just mentioned, I believe that it would probably be a mistake for you not to buy this software as soon as you can!

I’d like to talk about MY bonuses, if you don’t mind. 🙂

We’ll get to that very soon, I promise. But let’s proceed with the rest of our ClipsReel review first…


Are Any Upgrades Available With ClipsReel?


Yes, there are 5 upgrades available with this particular offer. You can get…

OTO 1 – PRO Upgrade:

The PRO upgrade comes with tons of additional new features and usage rights for power users but at a ridiculously low price:
Commercial Usage & Agency License
Create UNLIMITED Videos per day
Sub-users / Clients Access Feature
Developers License
Virtual Assistant Access
Ready-Made Agency Website with Paypal checkout and more
Video Traffic Generation System (video training)
for $67.

OTO 2 – 200 ReadyMade Niche Blogs With Commercial License:

Get access to 200 ready-made niche blogs with content, ads and more added to them already. Simply unpack, add your amazon/adsense ID, install and you now have an army of tons of content blogs in multiple niches, with auto generating content, amazon and adsense ads making you money around the clock at $97.

OTO 3 – VidCuratorFX2 – Agency License:

VidCuratorFX2 is a powerful web based automatic video creation software that creates 100s of videos by using just a keyword. This is almost as easy as ClipsReel but adds a different variation by creating slideshow type videos by using images and clips based on a keyword entered by user at $47/yr.

OTO 4 – SyVID – Agency License:

With SyVID Video Syndication, all the videos you and your clients create and now be shared on 7 different video sharing platforms and 13 different social media websites. With ClipsReel and SyVID together, you can be getting 20X more traffic and viewers to your live and existing videos. SyVID helps you to instantly start sharing and generating more free traffic, leads and sales at $47.

OTO 5 – ViralSoci – Agency License:

Add in a mix of different images and videos when using ClipsReel. With ViralSoci you’ll be able find and publish highly engaging and viral Images & Native Videos on your Facebook fan pages, groups and profiles with 100% Automation!
at $17.

These are “value-added” upsells, which simply means that they’re designed to enhance your results while using the front-end product. With that said, they don’t seem to be necessary to get you off and running (and hopefully seeing success) with ClipsReel.

In truth, the front-end product is SUPPOSED to work as-is. What we want to know is… WILL it?


ClipsReel… Will It Truly Do What It Says?


Let’s just get right to it. Can you really expect ClipsReel to help you make more money… and do so in far less time? As annoying as this answer always is, I’ve simply gotta say… it really depends on you. When you look at Abhi Dwivedi’s results, it does seem to lend itself to the software’s efficacy.


ClipsReel- What’s Good:

  • You’re able to Convert Any URL Into a Traffic-Getting Video In Seconds
  • You’re able to Flood Your Website With Free Video Traffic From YouTube, Facebook & Google
  • You’re able Turn Stuffy Product Descriptions Into Engaging Videos That Convert Like Crazy


ClipsReel Cons

  • 5 OTO’s, to many in my opinion

I don’t necessarily think that these negatives are deal breakers. But, I’ve decided to add a few bonuses of my own to ensure that you get maximum benefit out of this software and training. Here they are…



ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review

SocialNeos rewards customers for sharing content, builds your list and creates a powerful Social Notification system just like Mobile Push Notifications – message your users any time, on any device!It’s The Only Viral Traffic Plugin You’ll Ever Need Turn Any Video or Content into a List Building Machine in 3 Easy Steps.


VidAgency Theme:

ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review

VidAgency Theme is one of its kind WordPress theme that is plug-n-play video agency website setup theme.All you need to do is hit the install button and the theme will do the rest. In fact, you don’t even have to create or write content yourself!


YouTube Saturation:


ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review


Video Pro:

ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review


Video Tools Mastery:

ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review

Creating Video Products for ClickBank:

ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review


Crushing It With YouTube:

ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review


21 YouTube Video Marketing Secrets:

ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review

Facebook Fan Page Profits:

ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review


Facebook Live Authority:


ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review

Facebook Marketing Secrets:

ClipsReel Review
ClipsReel Review


The truth is, I very much want for you to make your dreams come true using ClipsReel! That’s what led me to create this bonus package. I do my best to avoid offering “$25,000 value bonus package” nonsense, as this would only insult your intelligence and not really help you.

These types of unrealistically priced bonuses most frequently consist of unhelpful private label rights silliness. They aren’t actually designed to enhance your online success. Mine, on the other hand, are.

In all, I’d say that ClipsReel is worth the small investment, and then some. If you agree, then you can purchase it using this link now. As a friendly reminder, you really need to cease this opportunity now, so don’t miss out.

Hopefully, this has served you well. I truly want to aid you in making an awesome decision.

An unacceptable amount of people invest in marketing tools, and yet never do much with the stuff. Almost nobody takes a piece of software and uses said software full on. I’d really like to see you take action on this.

Pick up ClipsReel from the official site right now and grab the bonuses I’ve prepared for you. You won’t regret it. 🙂

Thanks for reading my ClipsReel review!!

– Jeffrey Glasser